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I am the President/CEO of North America's Premier Fundraising Firm, "BW Unlimited, LLC., the Charity One Stop Shop." providing the best the Fundraising world has to offer all in one place. BW Unlimited's belief is "Charity First" in that we provide the best services and "No Risk Auction Items" at the lowest possible prices. We specialize only in Global Fundraising Events while also providing a long line of "No Risk Auction Items" including Travel Packages, Authentic Autographed Sports Memorabilia, Incredible Bronze Statues, Authentic Autographed Celebrity Memorabilia and much more. Furthermore, we are a Charity Fundraising Event Management & Hosting Leader across North America.

Charity Auction Counterfeiters Exposed!!!

Charity Auction Counterfeiters Exposed!!!

The hottest topic in the Autograph Memorabilia world today is “Hot to Spot a Fake Autograph.”  Well, its an unfortunate fact that there are counterfeiters out there but what makes matters worse is that there are a few in the Charity Market Place.  The reason these companies exist in the charity market is based solely on the fact that those who are trying to fundraise.  They are easily caught up in the “Glitz & Glitter” of the items they offer such as band signed Guitars, Cast Signed Movie Posters, Autographed photos from deceased Presidents, Musicians, Celebrities and Athletes.  Signed Music Sheets and autographed Boxing Gloves including all the Boxing Legends including Mohammed Ali.  Honestly, I’m just astounded people will even believe that these types of items are real.  They are so badly counterfeited, that it astounds me that people fall for it.

Ok here are a few tips anyone can use to check to see if those items are real:

#1 – Don’t get caught up in the Glitz & Glitter – it’s all plastic.  Seriously, think about it, do you think that the Rolling Stones are all in the same place at one place?  No. 

#2 – Here is an easy one, check Google, does any other company out there carry those items outside of the charity industry?  In the real autograph world, no one has those items.  Real autographed items can be found everywhere – not just those companies.

#3 – Another easy indicator – Who is the Authenticator?  A lot of novice collectors or charities will say “It has a Certificate of Authenticity” – That means absolutely nothing.  What matters is who is the authenticator?  Are they accepted in the Sports Industry?  Does the company have pictures of these people actually signing the items?  Do they use an unknown authentication company?  There are only two “Authentic Authenticators” – JSA and/or PSA/DNA. 

#4 – Common Sense – Seriously, just use common sense about these items.  We had a charity use these items and took them to an “Authentic Authenticator” and they found they were counterfeit. 

#5 – Lifetime Guarantee – We don’t offer a Lifetime Guarantee for our items – that if they are found to be counterfeit, you can return them.  Ours are authentic, no guarantees because they are real.

#6 – Do you know who you are dealing with – With these companies, why aren’t there pictures of the people who work there or their names?  A little mysterious.

#7 – Ask them where the items were autographed?  If they say outside of a show or an appearance, an authenticator can’t be there to ensure the autographs are real.

Charities or whoever is reading this, please just use common sense. Don’t be fooled – we are here to protect you. 

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising does not carry these items because they are not authentic.  We have been approached by several companies selling these types of items – we will not use them.  It’s all about integrity in the end, not about the almighty dollar bill $$$$.  If you want to ensure your guests receive real items, contact us at

BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising is a North American Charity Fundraising leader in a convenient “One Stop Shop” setting.  BWUCF only offers 100% authentic items authenticated by the most reputable companies in the world.  You can rest assured that our items are 100% authentic.  In fact, we don’t offer a life time guarantee that you can return them if they are found to be counterfeit.

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Understanding the cruel underbelly of charity fundraising –

Understanding the cruel underbelly of charity fundraising


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LARGEST Law Enforcement event in Texas history

“EVERYTHING” is bigger in Texas!!!  The “2017 Brothers in Blue Bash Texas” on September 16th at the Austin Texas Convention Center – a total sell out is expected at 1,500 guests.  The Bash is definitely going to be absolutely positively HUUUUUGE.  Fair Warning, tickets are ALREADY selling – people are lining up now to secure full tables of (10) because its going to sell out FAST!!!  If you are a public safety employee – Sworn or Civilian, if you are a Law Enforcement Supporter or you just like to go to a MONSTER event – this is the Texas Event for you!!!  Not only is the “All you can eat Menu” incredible – Texas Hill Country BBQ Buffet with Beer & soft drinks apart of your ticket, but the event….WOW the event is going to insane!!!  A live Auction with “One of a Kind” items such as autographed University of Texas Longhorns items, Dallas Cowboys, Worldwide “Once in a Lifetime” Packages, Jewelry and so much more.  Then a GARGANTUAN Silent Auction with so many items to bid on – you are not going to believe it.  And because we want to truly blow everyone away – so many raffles and giveaways, you’re going to have to bring a TRUCK to hall away all of your prizes.  REMEMBER – Tickets are going to go FAST.  People are coming from all across Texas and the U.S., as far away as Maryland to be at the LARGEST Law Enforcement Event in the history of Texas.

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