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New Auction Item

NEW AUCTION ITEM:  From our Decor Catalog, “Guitar Legends Shadowbox.”  Reserve yours today at 

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Charity Fundraising – Event Brand Identity 101

Let’s be perfectly honest, how many event flyers have you seen?   Probably tons and probably twice as many that you’ve ignored because it did not catch you eye.  Lets talk about Event Tickets – White Card Stock with simple black letters – right?

Say it with me – Booooooooooring.  Yawn.

The one thing that we at BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising feel is most important – is consistent branding and very noticeable.  People like exciting!!! 

It all starts with the name of the event. We think of creative, different names for each event which builds brand identity.  Do you understand what brand identity means?  If not, it means instantaneous recognition of the event just from the name of it.  It builds identity.  After we find the name, we move on to the flyer to match the name.

Our graphic design department starts at the flyer.  As you know, I preach FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK, FACEBOOK right?  Our flyers are meant to catch eyes on Facebook.  High profile and totally cool. 

As an example, you may be familiar with our Blues Brothers Events both in Maryland and Ohio.  Each year, with each event, we change the look.  Recently, BW even trademarked the term “Blues Brothers Bash” meaning we own that name now.  But we create these flyers to catch eyes. 

Do you know who the host of the Blues Brothers Event is or can you possibly even think of who it could be?  Think about it – Blues Brothers….Police, in fact the Prince George’s County Police Foundation.  We hosted the first one and it was outrageous, now for the 2017 version, everyone already is familiar – it sells itself.

Next up…the Maryland State Police Alumni Association came to us and asked for our help.  After weeks of pondering, we ended up with a very cool name “The Road Dawg Rumble.”  A “Road Dawg” is a nickname for a Trooper who works the highway patrolling.  So, we came up with a Bull Dog wearing a Maryland State Police Stetson.  Tire Tracks etc – definitely very State Trooper.

Then to keep the identity going, everything matches the flyer.  The tickets, the facebook headers….everything.  I especially feel its very important to have tickets that match everything else.  It creates more excitement.

Our Graphic Designer Bob Lynch always knocks it out of the park – each event continues to build Brand Identity which draws more and more attention.

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