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The Keys to Successful Charity Event Ticket Sales

ImageEveryone wants their Charity Event Gala to be a success and one of the keys is for it to be SOLD OUT.  However, do you have the “Keys” to its success?  Here are a few topics & tips which will lead you there:

1. Advertisement – Everyone today believes that merely advertising your Charity Event will sell it out.  However, Advertisement today does not guarantee anything.  The “Old School” advertisement methods are unsuccessful.  Bill boards, Magazines, Newspapers, Mailers and Radio Adds have gone away.  Today, in regard to Charity Event Ticket Sales, there are two methods that are key to your Success:

a. The Charity or the Event:  This is perhaps the hardest Key to understand and accept.  Talk about the Event and not the Charity.  Why?  Because again, there are 104 Million registered Charities in the U.S.  People are constantly being approached by charities for the same purposes.  Talk about the event, what will be there, what the food is…talk about the Event and not the charity.  Your supporters will be easily purchase tickets but it’s the others who will be much harder to get to attend.

b. Social Networks:  Facebook is an incredible way to get the word out since everyone is there.  mzl_utbsbllqUnderstanding how to “Share” or “Comment” and how it impacts everyone is vitally important.  Furthermore, the ability to “Tag” people in your Flyer is as important as picking the right Venue to host it.  Plus these methods are “FREE.”

c. Email:  You have the ability to email your flyer and the information to everyone across the country in seconds.  If you were to quantify or “Monetize” this in comparison to the U.S. Mail, it would cost you thousands upon thousands of dollars, however, it’s free.  The method is placing all the information in the body of the email and send it to your entire address book regardless if those in your address book will attend.  The next step is to attach your Event Flyer.  Then the last and most important key is….place everyone in your “BCC” line (Blind Carbon Copy) so that no one sees who you emailed.  Write the content or body of the email General but as if you are talking to them, like this as an example: “How have you been?  I saw this and thought about you.  It’s really going to be fantastic, it’s a Charity Event at ….etc. (Fill in the blanks)”.

d. Word of Mouth:  Nothing sells out a fundraiser like “Word of Mouth.”  It takes people talking to people, selling your event.  People generally do not respond to advertisement anymore as discussed above.  Talk to everyone but understanding how to talk about your event is also key.  Remember, no one likes “Boring.”  Plus understanding that there are Charity Events going on all around yours, you must “Oversell” it.  Here is an example of the WRONG WAY – OR – the RIGHT WAY, you be the judge:url-1

WRONG WAY – “Hey, do you want to come to charity dinner on (Date)?”

RIGHT WAY – “Hey, WOW did you hear about that event on (Date)….it’s going to be incredible.  The tickets are cheap plus there is going to be a lot of great items on the Live and Silent Auction like (describe the items).  As soon as I saw it, I thought about you…are you getting a table?”

e. Ticket Sales Supervision:  Someone must be appointed as the Ticket Chairman or the person in charge of handling all of the ticket sales.  This person, perhaps it may even be the Director of Development or the person in charge of Fundraising.  Understanding that people must be supervised, constantly reminded about ticket sales and directed on what to do plus how to do it.  Place your team in charge, have your team each accept the responsibility of selling at least one (1) table of ten.  Several will sell many more than one (1) table.

f. Tables are more important:  An entire venue or event can be quickly sold out in “Blocks.”  For instance, if you are hoping for 500 people to attend your event, sell “TABLES” instead of individual tickets.  Most tables have ten (10) people at a table which equates to only fifty (50) tables.  You only need to have 50 people buy tables, find 50 to purchase tables and it’s sold out.  But trying to sell 500 tickets is a much higher goal to fulfill.

g. Identify Table purchasers:  All of a Charity Vendors or Sponsors should be identified before ticket sales begin.  Understanding the businesses that a charity purchase items from should be approached about table purchases.  Many Charities have many vendors or businesses which they purchase items or services from including Lawyers, Accountants, Land Lords, Suppliers etc.

Use these methods in your ticket sales and soon your event will be SOLD OUT!!!  If you would like more information on how to plan and host your Charity Event Fundraiser, contact BW Unlimited Charity Fundraising at

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