“What do the Animals know that I don’t” – Noah’s Ark Fundraising

24 Aug

noahs-beaver-problemI am sure by now that everyone knows about Noah’s Ark.  Noah had a direct connection with the Almighty and prior to a massive flood which covered the world, he loaded up two of every single animal across the world onto one immense boat.  Can you imagine for a second how big that boat must have been?  As you can imagine, most of the animals must have began to find him because it would have taken centuries to collect them all.

But the important part was, the animals must have known something was coming and they easily climbed onto the boat for a seven day cruise (That’s a really bad reference to Gilligans Island).  They often say that animals know something before anyone else does.  And the same holds true in regard to Charity Fundraising.

Recently I met with an employee of an outdoor charity over lunch.  While we ate lunch, we discussed their National Package of items provided to their Charities.  What most don’t know is (this is where the Noah’s Ark reference makes sense), the Outdoor Charities provide their chapters with a product catalog of items they have to buy to put into their auctions.  These items range from Prints, statues, gear etc.  But they understand that people only want the “Good Stuff” and they must provide it to the Chapters to ensure their fundraising success.

Then we spoke about the reality of “Donations.”  Without skipping a beat, with a mouth full of French fries, he said “They are junk.”  But what was odd is, I was saying the exact same thing as he was saying it.  Donated products or Auction items are more often than not “Not the highest quality” otherwise known as “Junk.”

74149_178119295534827_100000102726561_631228_8109011_nNow, let’s go back 15 years ago when I was a volunteer seeking donations plus couple that with my experience in the Charity Fundraising community.  The donations I was able to get from local businesses were items which were commonly not that valuable.  During our fundraising events, we would use them as “Filler” for a package in a raffle or silent auction.  Today, in our fundraising events all across North America, you would not believe what I see that our Charity partners get donated.  Recently, I saw a used bread maker.

However, what the moral to this blog is this – Charities must have high quality items in their fundraising events to ensure that they get the maximum return.  You have to “Spend Money to Make Money.”  But outside of the outdoor industry charities, some charity organizers believe that everything must be donated.  I have written Blog after Blog about why that doesn’t make sense and how their fundraising efforts will be negatively affected if they stay with this line of thinking.

$(KGrHqF,!h0E9Q4N5VQJBPo(GsEH0g~~60_12Going back to the Noah’s Arc concept, the Outdoor Charities which raise money for Protection of Habitat or your rights as an outdoorsman, have figured it out.  When I first introduced the “No Risk Auction Item” concept to the North American charities, I started receiving some “Kick Back.”  We hear on a constant basis “Oh no….we can’t pay for items, they have to be donated.”  However, the facts remain which I addressed in my blog titled “How much is the Chicken” that the charities are paying for an entire list of items and services for their event but when it comes to the actual items they plan to raise money with – the thought seems to disappear.

I want to congratulate everyone who understood that high quality items are needed for fundraising events in the Outdoor Charities.  They cut the path for successful fundraising, however, now it’s time to start loading up the humans on Noah’s Ark.  They may learn a few things from our animal counterparts.

If you would like to learn more about why “No Risk Auction Items” guarantee success for your fundraising efforts, contact us at

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