Leading with our “Decorative Foot” – Why unsigned Decorative Items benefit Charities more then Autographed items

20 Aug


When Dorothy walked down the yellow brick road, she walked toward Oz wearing her Ruby Slippers.  Somehow, those Ruby heals made the walk much easier.

About a year ago, something happened that changed my opinion a great deal about Autographed Memorabilia.  Now, understand that BW Unlimited was founded on representing the “Charity First”, this mistake struck me right between the eyes.

We were assisting a charity with their fundraising event’s Live and Silent Auction.  While working with the Charity, they chose a signed Jersey which was pricey based upon the fact that the player who signed it was extremely expensive.  So that you and anyone reading this Blog understands, Athletes charge to sign their autographs when it comes to dealing with Memorabilia providers.  Some Athletes are relatively cheap and others are ridiculously expensive.   At the same time, we had conducted the signing, one of the photo’s slated to be autographed was missed.  Prior to the fundraising event, we found the photo and decided to just frame it and put it into the silent auction at a very low starting bid.

The Jersey was on the Live Auction with a starting bid of $410.00.  The Charity was going to make $80.00 with just a minimum bid.  However, the unsigned photo in a frame had a starting bid of only $135.00.  At the end of the night, the Jersey only received one (1) bid netting the charity the $80.00 – however, in contrast, the unsigned framed photo sold for $375.00 netting the charity well over $200.00!!!

That is when lightning struck me!!!  Over the next ten or so charity fundraising events, we began to test the theory that decorative items do much better in charity events then autographed items.  Time and time again, the decorative items brought high bids, benefiting the charities over and over again.  But did it make sense?  Why was this happening especially when the Charity Fundraising Market is all about autographed items…so the research ended with solid answers.

564844_383020088401670_100000810455789_916740_250179159_n - CopyThe answer lies in the “Price Point.”  Based solely on the fact that Athlete’s charge a premium for their signatures, then add in the cost of the item which is signed, the prices sky rocket.  Furthermore, legitimate autographed items are costly due to the above as well as payment to have them reviewed for 3rd party authentication.  As you know, there are many providers out there who offer autographed items which are too good to be true, which often they are.  However, with Decorative items, these problems don’t exist, keeping the prices very low and affordable for everyone.

Based on what we saw, we began to design highly decorative items such as collages with laser engraved signatures, 3D Laser cut logo’s with brass plaques and much more.  We researched the best photo’s with the most appeal, not worrying about getting them signed.  We slaved over designs, seeking replica tickets and the overall appeal of the entire item.  We began to research categories of these items which would have appeal outside of the Sports world since not everyone is a Sports Fan.  We began to design Celebrity Photo’s, Americana and historical as well as a full line of Sports related Decorative Memorabilia.

The response was and is phenominal!!!  The bids on these items are tremendous and the appeal is even more.  Now, Charity guests can bid on items which are much more appealing then autographed items, allowing everyone to get in on the action.  Plus, with the bids running extremely high, charities all across North America can quadruple the amount of money they can raise.

Beatles_TicketsNow we can provide fantastic decorative items such as the Beatles 1st American Tour which comes complete with a Getty Photo of the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan Show, laser engraved signatures, the tour schedule as well as replica tickets from all of their shows during the tour.  Routinely, without a doubt, it sells for $850 to $1,000 on Silent Auctions across North America.  This is just one example of 100’s of incredible choices.

Furthermore, our inventory of these items can be produced over and over again without the concern of dealing with Player appeal.  What I mean is….take for instance the Aaron Hernandez story.  One day he is playing for the New England Patriots and the next he’s playing for the local Federal Pen.  Players get hurt, contract negotiations etc.

You wouldn’t believe just how successful our Decorative items are for our Charity Clients!!!  And that is why BW Unlimited leads with our Decorative foot.  I know it doesn’t make sense, but test it out…you will be a believer in no time.

To see our incredible Decorative Catalog, contact us or ask your Charity Fundraising Representative to send it to you.

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