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The “Fox” running the “Hen House”


Have you ever heard the term “It’s like a Fox running the hen house”? Well, it truly has meaning to the Charity Fundraising world and most especially to Charities all across North America and even the world!!!
Just a few moments ago, I spoke to one of our Charity Partners who happens also to be a part of BW Unlimited. She had received an email from a company offering “No Risk Auction Items.” Now, I could say that their items are similar to ours, but I will reserve that comment because they definitely are not.
From the outset, they appear to be similar but if you look behind the curtain, you will see there are definite differences. As a charity event organizer, when offered something incredible, it’s easy and also understandable to jump at the opportunity to have some fantastic item at your auction. But, if you settle down for a second or two and think about it, does it make sense.
Then contemplate this very fact – who is the Authenticator? Here is where the “Fox” starts running the hen house. If a company is the provider, should they also be the authenticator? No, absolutely not. In fact, BW Unlimited has been approached on many occasions by various sources about offering items which clearly were not authenticated. As CEO, I am not an expert authenticator nor would I ever act like one. I will not put my or my companies name on an item which was not authenticated by another reliable party.
If I wasn’t worried about our reputation and only thought of the money I would receive, we would have an unending amount of items Autographed items by some of the most sought after people of all time. These people would be highly sought after, some even deceased and mind you, I wouldn’t charge a lot for them. High enough to make it profitable but low enough to make it acceptable.
But, going back to my point about the Fox running the hen house, does it make sense to you now that a company should not authenticate their own items? Isn’t like the Fox running the Hen House?
Think about this…the FBI formerly conducted a sting operation called “Operation Bullpen.” This operation was conducted to uncover the sale of fraudulent sports autographs and found that over 70% of the autographs found on line are FAKE!!!
Now, if you were in the business of providing fake autographs, who would you provide them too? OR who would you market them too? Collectors? People in the know? Doubt it. But if there a group of people out there who were not collectors and bought items on a “Whim”, don’t they seem to be a valuable target? Does this sound familiar yet? Who are those people? Where do you find them? Charity Events – that’s where.
Charity event guests are not educated about the facts and don’t question who the authentication company is. They are only concerned that there is a Certificate of Authenticity (COA). But, as you know, its easy to manufacture a fake anything today.
I have a challenge…I challenge every single provider of autographs out there today to utilize the exact same measures BW Unlimited does!!! Have their items authenticated by reputable, well known authenticator.
BW Unlimited is proud to utilize 3rd party authenticators. And that all of our items are authenticated by someone OTHER then BW Unlimited.
Plus I have another challenge, I challenge Charity Organizers just to take a few moments and ask yourself – do you truly believe that the items you are looking at or thinking about getting for your event are real? And if they were real, what do you think the price would be? Do you legitimately believe that you can acquire an item that would retail for ridiculous amounts of money for a very low price? No…absolutely NOT!!! It’s reality…These providers are running businesses, have families and bills just you and I. They want to profit just like every business out there. Why aren’t their items being sold on the retail market for much higher prices and why are they only charity fundraisers?
When someone is deceased, their autograph sky rockets…plus at a certain point (this is common sense), the autographs RUN OUT!!! There is no chance to do another signing with them…make sense?
Ok, the “Guarentee”….do you remember the movie Tommy Boy with Chris Farley? “They know all they sold you was a guaranteed piece of crap. If you want me to take a dump in a box and mark it guaranteed, I will.” A Guarantee is meaningless honestly. Furthermore, why use the term “Guaranteed if it was authenticated by a reputable or well-known Authentication company?
Please use common sense…think before you commit. If you would like to learn more about authentication or would like our assistance, contact us today at

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