Lets Party!!!!

12 Jan


Everybody loves a Party!!!  T.G.I.F!!!  From birthday parties to Game Day Parties to just a good ole’ House party – we all love them!!!  Get the food and drinks ready, turn on the music, let down your hair and let’s have some fun!!!

From a Band or just a great DJ, to a magician…let’s take it a step further, how about circus clowns, a fire breather, live animals roaming around – it’s a real party now!!!  Turning out to be a Circus!!!  Everybody is drinking, dancing, talking and having a great time…does it get any better???  I doubt it.

But a party is just that….a Party!!!  But wait, we are charity fundraisers here with BW Unlimited, why in the world am I talking about a Party?  Let me check, did we start planning parties or weddings…No.  Did we start hiring magicians and hypnotists as part of our staff….No.  Did we start interviewing DJ’s and Live Bands….No.  So why then am I even taking the time to write this Blog?  As always, because I have something to say about just this topic – a Charity Fundraiser turning into a party…getting away from what it is intended to be – a Fundraiser.

Far too often, Charity Fundraising Event organizers get off track.  They start to think that they will need some type of entertainment at their events.  First, it begins with a DJ, then moves to a Live Band but then it starts to steer way off track.  But what is important is, if a Charity wants to hold a Party or Celebration – plan it as that.  Plan a celebration of your Charity, invite everyone with no expectations of fundraising whatsoever.  Live music, mingling, dancing and anything else you can get there.  But what is important is, part of the Money being raised at the Party, is going to the entertainment.

But, if you are hosting a Charity Fundraiser – it should be just that – a Fundraiser.  Also, if it is a Charity Fundraiser, ensure, absolutely ensure that you are maximizing the amount of money you could possibly raise.

Today, there are all kinds of fundraising events which I hear about constantly – from Casino Nights, to Cash Wheels, to Car Washes…it just keeps going and going.  But the question remains, can you mix a Party with a Charity Fundraiser?  My answer is you can create a lively atmosphere, entertaining to your guests but the straight forward answer is and always will be….No.

Now, lets all concentrate on what the event is for – Fundraising.  Now ask yourself, if your charity were to acquire a large amount of money quickly, what would you do with it?  I am assuming, fulfill your mission statement and possibly expand.  You would do more right?  Of course.  So, with that in my mind…why not plan a solid Charity Fundraiser?  Think of it like this – in your event, is everything there to maximize the dollars you are trying to raise?  Does everything revolve around your fundraising capabilities?

Well, you can easily say…”George, you’re wrong.  Our guests enjoy a party atmosphere and they will love a magician and dancing.”  True, it does sound fun…but at the end of the day, don’t complain that you are having problems raising money.  You have no idea what you are saying about your charity when you plan something like this.  If people are not treated to a fantastic event that isn’t cluttered with all kinds of different things, they will walk away from it not truly remembering who your charity is and what you are trying to do.

In the end, it is only going to hurt your pocketbook.  Do you know what kind of event that offers a Charity the best possible place for expansion?   A Charity Fundraiser!!!  People get involved at Charity Fundraisers, they want to contribute, help more and possibly expand your mission statement into other areas.

In order to ensure that you are maximizing your event, look around you.  Study what others are doing that are successful.  In fact, ask yourself, how much did your last event raise?  If it was under $100 a head (Net Profit – the National Norm), then your event was not successful.  Time for a change.  Remember, your fundraiser should not be about entertaining your crowd – it should be about having a great Charity Fundraising event and that’s it.

If you would like to plan a “Total Charity Fundraising Event”, please contact us today at  We would love to help.

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