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How Much is the Chicken?

The chicken dish is pretty good don’t you think?  But the Beef dish…WOW!!!  It’s cooked in red wine and you have choices like cheese mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, fresh bread and then the desserts – my belly is rumbling just thinking about it!!!

How about the bar?  You have choices between the cheap liquor and the “Good Stuff.”  But the Good Stuff is more expensive.   Since the charity fundraiser is a Black Tie event and you have some real important people coming, you better order the higher quality liquor.

By the way, how much were the tickets?  What I mean is, what did it cost to have them designed and made?  How about your event program, you did a fantastic job with the color photos  –  very professional.  Your guests are going to love it and especially your sponsors.  But it must not have been cheap.

The place where you are having your event is beautiful – you are really taking care of your guests, it’s going to be a fantastic event between the meal, the bar and everything you have.  Where did you get your credit card machines?  Your bank?

The costs must have been high…but the payoff is going to show it.

Do you even know why I am talking about this?  Do you realize all the costs associated with hosting a successful Charity Fundraising event?  I bet you forgot.  Would you even consider providing a horrible experience for your guests – no way, no how.  You want the best for them don’t you?  You want to take care of them, giving them a fantastic experience while doing the absolute best and most highly profitable fundraiser in your organizations history right?  Of course…we all want and strive for that.  If not, why would we even be considering it.

Well, were I am headed is this – You or your Charity needs to think the exact same way when it comes to items for your auction.  Do you think people want to bid on the same old “Charity Donated items”…NO!!!!  Does one seriously think people will pay near or above the retail value of a Gift Certificate – NO!!!  I have seen it time and time again…in fact, recently, BW Unlimited was in Houston Texas assisting the a Foundation with their Gala as well as a Golf Tournament.  In their silent auction, there were several  Gift Certificates.  Just as example, one $100 Gift Certificate received the top bid of $40.00 – only!!!

First you must understand, people attend Charity Fundraisers to have a good time, have a great meal and drinks with friends and to get a “Good Deal” on items available.  If people want to buy a Gift Certificate for the Retail Value – they will go and buy it themselves.

Don’t kid yourself…seriously!!!  I’ve met with charity organizers who believe that people will come and bid as much if not more for the donated items such as gift certificates.  No they WILL NOT!!!  They tell themselves that people pay as much or more because it’s a charity – WRONG 100% of the time!!!  Face the truth, if they were that supportive to your charity, they would be helping you with the fundraiser.

Now, you have to understand this…there are 104 Million Charities in the U.S.  Let’s agree that a good round number of committee members or people involved in these charities have 20 people (round number) for each, helping them look for donations for their fundraising events.

SIDEBAR:  One Charity alone has 1,500 chapters that conduct 7,500 charity fundraisers each and every year!!!

So, 20 people times 104 million – that’s 2,080,000,000 people looking for donations!!!  Can you imagine what business owners have to deal with?!?!?  That many people all over the U.S. looking for donations…so what do you think business owners do?  Certainly they can’t donate to each charity that asks, if they did, they would go out of business.  Charity goer’s are constantly presented with the same items, based on similar practices utilized by other charities.

So how do you change the trend?  You have items there that people will get excited over – BW Unlimited’s incredible line of “No Risk Auction Items”!!!

Now you know why in the beginning of this Blog post why I was referring to meals, drinks – costs.  I as well as our Charity Fundraising Representatives hear from charities “Oh, we don’t accept those types of items, we only accept fully donated ones.”  Well, do they realize what they are doing?  Do they realize they have already paid a hefty sum to host their event?  Doubt it.  Honestly, Charity organizers believe that people walk in the door with a blind fold on and just spread around all the money in the pocket – “Ain’t gonna happen” (in my best George Bush Sr. voice).

As an example, just a few days ago, Mike Allred (BW Director of Operations) assisted a Charity with one (1) items – our Grammies VIP Package.  The cost to nonprofit is $4,995.00.  The charity was brand new to BW Unlimited, however, they are HUGE fans now!!!  They put the package in their Charity Live Auction and they sold TWO (2) for $13,000.00 EACH!!!  With ONE (1) item, they profited $16,000.00!!!  That’s more then most charities make in an entire event!!!

Or, how about this…a recent charity auctioned off a handsigned Peyton Manning Revolution Helmet.  The Cost to Nonprofit is $350.00 – but sold in the Charity Auction for $1,750.00!!!  The charity profited $1,400.00 with only one (1) item!!!  Do you understand yet?

Now, if you are staying tuned…most will use the excuse “Well, they have people there with money”…that’s an excuse!!!  The “Real Deal” is this…..people WANT hard to find items, exciting Travel Packages!!!  They won’t spend that kind of money on that gift basket you got donated.

It’s not a bad thing to have items you have to pay for.  Let me ask you this.  If I told you that if you give me $350, I’ll give you back $1,750.00 guaranteed!!!  Would you do it?  Of Course you would…How about this – I tell you to give me $4995 and I’ll give you $13,000.00.  Huh?  Would you do that?  Of Course you would.

Now, if the items don’t sell (which they always do), we even pay to ship them back.  It’s a “No-Brainer.”

Plus here is a side effect – people are used to going to other Charity fundraisers were they have the good ole Gift Certificates and Gift Baskets times ten (10).  They come to yours and what do they see?  Hand Signed Sports Items, Celebrity, Hand Signed Guitars, Travel, Jewelry etc.!!!  They will be amazed!!!  Recently, a client was told – I have never been to an event like this…it’s the absolute best event I have ever gone to in my life and I go to A LOT of Charity Fundraisers!!!  I asked the person who said that (because I was there) why he thought that – he said “Because of these items, I have never seen anything like that…I’m definitely coming back next year and bringing my friends.”

Ok, so what’s the moral to this story – think about it, step outside of your role and think about what you would like to buy or bid on – then contact us, we would love to help blow away your fundraising goals and expectations.

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