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Buyer BEWARE!!!! Signed Memorabilia

Our Partner, Rock Star Gallery (provider of all of our Authentic hand signed Music Memorabilia) was recently approached by “Record Collector” Magazine in regard to authenticity of music signed memorabilia such as signed Guitars, signed Record Albums and Photo’s.  Michael Dunn is not only the owner of Rock Star Gallery but is known worldwide as the Global Expert in regard to authenticity of these highly sought after items.

Here is the Article which Michael wrote for Record Collector about Authenticity:

Authenticity…… “The Most Important Question” that can be asked in our industry.  I will always take the opportunity to respond to this question for a number of reasons because the passion of collecting our favorite artist provides incredible excitement and accomplishment among very informed collectors every day.  Rock Star Gallery has earned the ultimate reputation among many of the worlds most informed collectors for Authenticity – Custom Designing and Customer Service.  Our Custom Designed Guitar Displays – Complete Collections and “Live Events” are by far the most popular among music fans and collectors each day in gallery and on Gallery Web Site.  When you have a moment I encourage you to go to our Gallery Home Page at: “Live Events” and enjoy many great moments in gallery with The Gene Simmons Axe Bass Event a must see!  Tim, if your just getting to know our industry please get as informed as possible because unfortunately it has become a buyer beware industry with far too many “Web Site Only Companies & Ebay” offering too many (NOT AUTHENTIC) items to new collectors and auctions.  ALL informed collectors prefer to establish a relationship with a well-known reputable respected gallery they can visit meet the owner and enjoy their experience.  Rock Star is truly The PREMIER Gallery in our industry and we ship world-wide every week to very informed collectors who invest with confidence for their favorite artist to be enjoyed for many Imageyears.  The most recent survey in the world of signatures of: History – Sports – Political and Music is that 90% of all signatures offered on the internet are not authentic and every 15 seconds someone purchases a signed item on line. New collectors are very skeptical and hesitant to venture into our world because of the risk of purchasing a bogus item and the more collectors become informed the more confusing it can be as to: Who do I trust? Who is reputable? Who can best inform me? Who has a true passion for this industry? There are far too many “WHO” questions to cover in an email.  The industry is comprised of far too many “Self Proclaimed Experts” who based on their (Experience) will charge you a fee to examine your item and there are very established companies who have marketed their services of authenticating your items and the more you know about our industry the more you realize you don’t know that most of these individuals are affiliated with many organized on-line sellers such as Ebay & On-Line Auctions ect.  This would appear to be a conflict if it we’re made aware to potential collectors.  Web Site Only Companies & Ebay are enabled to offer a variety of signed items to unknown uninformed buyers who are not aware of the numerous agendas that occur each day.  Rock Star Gallery is the only gallery that “Chooses” to have a court approved forensic expert examine every signature in gallery to insure authenticity and who’s opinion will be supported in a court of law and has no agenda to sell the item via omitted resources to the public.

The only way to be successful in our industry is to be straight up and honest with all collectors and sincerely appreciate their concerns regarding authenticity as the “Buyer Beware” presence is there to be addressed.  Rock Star Gallery encourages new collectors and informed collectors to get as informed as possible and visit every web site possible to determine for themselves who they would be comfortable working with because if we try to describe everything I’m sharing with you the collector will assume we are going into a selling mode so it is very important for collectors to see what is out there and if they do…….NOW we have something to talk about as they will see far too many things that just do not make sense!  Rock Star is very proud of our gallery and the opportunity to work with many celebrities and informed collectors world-wide each week.

BW Unlimited encourages everyone, especially our Charity Partners and Charities worldwide to be extremely concerned about the “Authenticity” of the items which they receive.  Truly, a guide for this is to ask one’s self “Is this too good to be true?”  If an autographed item retails for 10’s of thousands of dollars, why then would it be offered to you at such a modest price.  Also, keep in mind that just because an item comes with a “Certificate of Authenticity”, does not mean it is truly authentic.  A great guide for this is…who is the authenticator?  Does the company which you are receiving the item, authenticate their own items?  Anyone can sign an item and then generate a professional looking Certificate of Authenticity (COA).  BW Unlimited takes it a LARGE step forward, we pay a 3rd party authenticator to examine our items for authentication.

Remember, BW Unlimited was founded on one simple rule of thumb “Charity First” and not our own pockets.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us immediately or browse through our website at

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