What does “Charity First” mean?

31 May


Why does BWU believe in “Charity First”?  We get asked this question all the time.  When you answer, people seem to look back at you in amazement.  Each and every day, I have the pleasure of speaking with Charities all over North America.  I hear their mission, I hear the passion in their voices and how they are positively affecting people’s lives.  My heart goes out to each and every one prompting me to help them.

Each and every day, I get letters and phone calls of thanks, expressing their gratitude for what we did for them.  Routinely, BW Unlimited ships items to charities ranging from Alaska to Puerto Rico and all across the U.S.

When we are contacted, we often tell people our belief in “Charity First.”  Just today, I had a conversation with someone who was amazed at how we can help them.  Yesterday, a phone call came in telling me we helped with an event which profited $661,000.00 – just from our items. 

But to answer the question, why does BWU believe in Charity First and how do we make that happen in real life…the answer is simply this – we provide the best items to charities at the absolute LOWEST prices guaranteed. 

What good would it do to overprice an item for a charity only to have one or two bids at their fundraising event?  The only good it would do is to fill our pockets with the money or profits which should have gone to the Charities.  We truly believe that we can do more good, help more charities with our items such as Autographed Sports-Music-Celebrity Memorabilia, Charity Travel Packages, Men’s and Women’s Jewelry by keeping the pricing as low as possible then to overprice it – which it either sells a little above our asking price or not at all.

BW Unlimited is absolutely, 100% committed to offering the best, absolutely authentic autographed items and Charity Travel Packages at the LOWEST PRICES.   No other company has a similar belief – in fact, we prompt charities to check and see for yourself.  We carry the EXACT same items …but why are ours so much less?  Charity First.

Furthermore, we utilize a third party authenticator – what does this mean to you…it means that we pay another authentication company to verify the items we are providing to you are 100% authentic.  If we authenticate our own items, that’s like a fox guarding the hen house.  How can you possibly authenticate your own items?  Think about it…

This belief protects charities, provides you our charity partners, with the best items for your fundraising events.  We want to help you, we want you to succeed and if that means we won’t be driving a Rolls Royce like other providers, then so be it…we want to be a part of your success.

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