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The Industry of Hand Signed Collectibles………..

TImagehe Industry is based on hand written Signatures obtained for personal collections and for resell to collectors by individuals for profit.  The word “Signature”  –  Latin; Signare  “To Sign” is a hand written depiction of someone’s name, nick name or even simple X that a person writes as a proof of identity and intent.  A signature may be confused with an Autograph which is primarily and artistic signature.  It is estimated that there are 1 million autographed document collectors and 5 million autograph collectors in the United States alone.  According to “The Sports Collectors Digest” the Sports autograph market is worth $500 million, now add Music – Political and History and the industry is in the billions each year.  In the late 1990’s according to the FBI 70% of all autographed memorabilia on the internet was bogus and it’s a fact that a piece of autographed memorabilia is sold every 15 seconds on Ebay and the Internet.  The consistent growing number of new collectors has unfortunately created a “Buyer Beware Industry” with far too many web site only companies offering too many “NOT AUTHENTIC” items to new collectors and auctions.  A simple Certificate of Authenticity usually renders an opinion only and is often signed by a self proclaimed  expert.   A legitimate Certificate of Authenticity must fully and accurately describe the item which it is authenticating, including but not limited to all size, medium, date, title and all artist that participated on item.  There should be no doubt that the COA describes only one item and that is the item you are considering.  Whenever authenticity is an issue, only conclusive statements and findings from a qualified expert on the art or artist in question are acceptable, not informal statements, opinions or un-informed price estimates by individuals that happen to buy or sell the artist in question.  The COA is only an extension of the source from which the item was obtained.

The “It’s too good to be True” saying should be used in this instance.  Charities all over North America are subjected to “Autographed” items which are presented to them at an extremely low price.  First, Charity organizers should research the proper retail prices of these items.  If there is a severe discrepancy in the “No Risk” price and the true retail, that should be taken into account.  If there is any question about the authenticity of an item, then 10 out of 10 times, Charities should not present these items to their guests.  Do you want your guest returning and say “This is a fake autograph?”

BW Unlimited refuses to provide questionable autographed items to our Charity partners – and that is why we are the leading “No Risk Auction Item” provider.  Furthermore, something for you to consider, BW Unlimited does NOT certify our own items.  We always utilize a 3rd Party Authenticator.  If a person certifies their own autographed items, you should question it’s authenticity.

BW Unlimited is proud to work with some of the most world reknown Authenticators – namely “PSA/DNA” – take a moment and watch this video in regard to PSA/DNA.  Click Here.

Remember, BW Unlimited was founded on “Charity First.”  We only provide the best service at the absolute best prices while assisting North American Charities with the finest of products.

Contact us today so that we can provide you with the best in the fundraising business.

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