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Raffles – Easier or Profitable?

Over time, I have attended many fundraising events for different charities all across the nation.  During this time, I have heard and seen some outrageous things happen which the event organizers truly believed were “Awesome” ideas.  One of which comes to mind immediately!!!

This one was at a charity fundraiser for a very well known waterfowl Conservation Organization.  The organizers sell blocks similiar to a football pool and after selling all the blocks, the slide it into a duck pen.  While this has been happening, the organizers are feeding a farm duck.  Now picture this, a big white farm duck with an orange bill.

Then, after all the blocks have been sold, they put the duck in the pen after it has been well fed while waiting for the duck to uhhhh, chose the block per say…do you understand what I’m meaning here?  No, are you kidding?  They wait until the duck deficates on a block…you got it, it’s called the “Duck Poop” Raffle.  Oh my god, are you serious?  People will actually do this?  What happens if the duck is constipated?  Or it takes hours…whatever.  Tacky, Tacky, Tacky.  It’s hard to believe that a national organization will allow their names to be tarnished in such a way to stoop to…well, Duck Poop.

Then, here is a classic one – you can all start pointing fingers at each other.  The Classic “50/50” Raffle.  This tried and true raffle is replayed time and time again, at every single fundraising event across the nation.  It’s good right?  No…it’s easy.  Here is a story that happened to me…a very good friend was hosting a Museum fundraising Event nearby.  He, knowing of my talents and reputation, decided he was going to go it alone and host his event and show “Mr. Professional Fundraiser” a thing or two on fundraising.  So, for him to remain annonymous, lets refer to him at “Jim.”  So I ask good ole Jim, what kind of raffles are you having and he rattled off a bunch of old school, run of the mill Raffles ending with the “50/50.”  I asked, why in gods name are you doing a “50/50” Jim, he said “Because people love it and they always give the money back.”  Of course, I laughed quietly and said “No, they hardly ever do and you’re doing it because it’s easy.”  I said “Jim, 85% of the time the people don’t give the money back” and he said “Your Wrong, watch, you’ll see.”

That night, we attended his fundraising event and watched in anticipation as the night unfolded.  As the festivities began, the awarded the Town Mayor for his incredibly contribution to the museum’s cause, presenting him with an incredible placque under fan fare and the press taking photo’s.  After his speach and all the photo ops, my friend Jim announces the 50/50.  The pot or 50% was near $3,750.00.  As they draw the ticket and call out the number, guess who wins???  THE MAYOR!!!!

My friend Jim starts clapping and staring back at me like a fat cat, ready and raring to put me to shame.  The Mayor walks up, with Jim smiling from ear to ear, takes the pile of cash and stuffs it in his pocket and quickly exits the building with coat in hand.  My friend Jim was stunned!!!  His clapping went to a golf clap with the look of freight in his eyes.  Of course, I chuckled and turned to continue my meal.

His charity just allowed $3,750.00 to walk out the door!!!  Are you serious?  It’s a “Fundraiser” not a Fund “Giver.”  Fundraising Event Organizer’s far too often plan their events using what they learned from the last one they attended.  They do not know that the ideas they are repeating were unsuccessful but they repeat them nevertheless.  I truly believe that the 50/50 is the most over used raffle out there.

When planning your Charity Fundraising Event, take into consideration the profitability of what you are doing.  Simply ask yourself “Are we going to profit with this” and “Are we giving away more then we are making” and if both answers provide you with a negative response – MOVE ON!!!

Charity Fundraising Events are just that – Fundraising Events!!!  Raffles play a vital role in the outcome of an event because based on the demographics, many there will not be able to bid on Live or Silent Auction Items but they can purchase raffle tickets.  There are many raffle ideas out there that are both entertaining as well as profitable.

The expert fundraising consultants at BW Unlimited have a wide array of exactly these types of Raffles which all are an absolute success for the Charities.  Contact us today and find out how we can help turn your next run of the mill fundraising Dinner into a High Impact, Highly Profitable Charity Fundraising Event!!!

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